Maytag fridge running about 50-60 degrees freezer 60 degrees

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsMaytag fridge running about 50-60 degrees freezer 60 degrees
JP asked 8 years ago
We have a Maytag fridge Model MFF2557KES that was making a bubbling/spurting/hissing sound in the rear. Pulled the fridge out and noticed the ice maker tubing was slightly loose from shut off valve. Pushed fridge back in. Thought we were done. Sound occurred again, this time noticed a kelly green sticky substance in the pan on left side (overflow pan ?) under fan. Compressor feels very hot to touch.  Fridge keeping about 50-60 degrees with some food inside, freezer about 60 degrees empty.  Have read the capacitor is often a problem, but haven't seen any mention of green sticky substances - sticky like axle grease, not sticky like honey - if that helps at all. Wondering if entire compressor would need to be replaced? And, if the unit should be emptied and turned off. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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