Maytag electric dryer (PYE2300AYW) takes forever to dry

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersMaytag electric dryer (PYE2300AYW) takes forever to dry
Gil asked 5 years ago
Maytag electric dryer (PYE2300AYW) was not drying clothes. Installed new heating element, High Limit Kit (LA-1053) and Cycling Thermostat (WPS31001192). Before installing checked continuity on all parts and was OK. After installing, the dryer would not heat up very much, checked the heating element while running and saw the element would heat up to bright red for 5 seconds and then turn off for 35 seconds then turn on again for 5 seconds, kept repeating. Is it the cycling thermostat or can the wires on the thermostat be reversed?

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