Maytag commercial series washer not dispensing detergent

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesMaytag commercial series washer not dispensing detergent
Rob asked 2 years ago
i have a maytag mhw8200fc0 that wont dispensethe HE detergent from the detergent reservoir. i have taken detergent dispenser drawer out as well as the housing and thoroughly cleaned all hoses, holes and plastic the actuator seems yo be working fine and the \"stem\" that goes i to the detergent reservoir when the drawer is closed is free and clear of debris. Would it be a bad detergent meter? When i ran a cycle with the top of washer off, i could feel the meter \"humming\" at the appropriate time but it still did not dispense any liquid detergent.I am stuck. guess my wife can just manually put detergent in the tub each load

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