Maytag commercial series washer not dispensing detergent

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Rob asked 3 years ago
I own a Maytag MHW8200FC0 washing machine, and I'm facing an issue where it fails to dispense HE detergent from the detergent reservoir. To address this, I have already removed and thoroughly cleaned the detergent dispenser drawer, along with its housing. I made sure to clean all hoses, openings, and plastic components. Additionally, I checked the actuator, which seems to be functioning correctly, and ensured that the 'stem' entering the detergent reservoir when the drawer is closed is free from any blockages or debris. Despite these efforts, the problem persists. I'm wondering if this could be due to a faulty detergent meter. During a test run with the top of the washer open, I noticed the meter humming at the time it should dispense the detergent, yet no liquid detergent was released. This leaves me puzzled about the next steps to take. Given this situation, do you have any suggestions on what might be causing the detergent not to dispense? Could there be an issue with the detergent meter or another component I haven't considered? For now, it seems like the only solution is for my wife to manually add detergent directly into the tub for each load, but I'm hoping to find a more permanent fix.