Maytag Commercial Gas Dryer Heating Cycle Not Staying On

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersMaytag Commercial Gas Dryer Heating Cycle Not Staying On
Harry Kong asked 4 years ago
I have Maytag commercial gas dryers MLG15PDAWW. On one of my dryers the initial ignition is only 30 seconds, the the second cycle stays on for only 10 seconds. No dryer codes on circuit board. Compared to the other working dryer 50 to 60 seconds initial and 40 seconds. Could the problem be with the thermistor, high cycling thermostat, flame sensor? have swapped these parts from another working dryer but still have the same problem. At this time I am unable to order a new thermistor 30720 because its obsolete. Is there a compatible replacement made by whirlpool? I hope you can help me.

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