Maytag Clothes Dryer not getting hot enough

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David asked 1 week ago

I have a Maytag Electri Dryer MN# MDE5500AYW that ges warm enough to dry clothes, but no where near as warm as it use to get. Clothes take forever to dry and only come out barely warm.
I checked the heaing element and all the thermal fuses and thermostats. All have continuity. The thermistor reads @ 7ohms which corresponds to @90deg even though it is at room termperature.
I wanted to replace the thermistor, but have found out that Maytag has discontinued the part (PN 3072080).
I cannot find an equivalent replacement. If the themstor is indeed the problem, do I need to junk the dryer because Maytag discontinued the $10 part?
Is there perhaps something else I should be looking at repairing in case its not the thermistor? The lint trap is clean and the duct is not blocked.

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