LG WM2101HW Washer Will Not Advance

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi, LG WM2101HW washer - Whole bucket fills up with water - and cycle doesn't advance. Originally I had a problem of front gasket broken.. leaking lot of water on the ground. I ordered a new one a replaced the gasket. I tried to put the washer in Test Mode -- it didn't go in the test mode (may be I didn't press correct buttons). I then put the washer into normal mode (with and without clothes), Washer starts -- however these are the symptoms I see.. (1) Initially if the display started with ex. 51 min then it will go one down to 50, but then it will never advance to 49, 48... (2) The water starts, it will not stop (filling the whole bucket). As far as I know all valves are working fine (when the washer was on, I manually tried blowing the switch with air, did stop the flow but washer gave some error and stopped). I have also tried shorting the terminals of pressure sensor (while washer was on) and washer did stop filling water (but gave an error message). -- I believe it was PE and one more. This is what I have tried so far.. (1) I have tried blowing pressure sensor tube, it does blow bubbles in the bucket. (2) I replaced the pressure switch - no results (both old and new pressure switch's reading doesn't change when I blow air into it to test it). (3) Washer drain filter has been cleaned. I am suspecting either pressure switch (can both new and old bad ??) or control board. I really appreciate your input.. thank you for reading,
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Your original issue was a leaky washer and you replaced the gasket? <br><br>Then you put machine back together and it will not advance the timer nor does it stop filling with water? <br><br>Did the washer have this same issue before you replaced the gasket? <br><br>Did you order a brand new OEM pressure switch? <br><br>Have you tested the pressure switch and any valve solenoids with your meter? <br><br>Have you checked all wiring harnesses to be sure they are clicked into place? <br><br>Maybe by taking the machine apart, maybe you inadvertently knocked a wiring harness loose?<br><br>If all is well with parts and wiring harnesses, then it very well could be the control board.