LG WM2016CW washing machine trouble spinning and noisr

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesLG WM2016CW washing machine trouble spinning and noisr
Paul Keller asked 4 years ago
LG wm2016cw washer has trouble spinning during the final rinse/spin cycle when spinning clockwise. It seems to be "slipping" because it doesn't spin smoothly like it does counterclockwise. At 10 Min left in the cycle it just keeps trying rinse and spin but never gets to high speed and stays at 10. It pauses for about a minute then some water adds in and it tries to spin but then stops. The pump seems fine because when I do a rinse cycle it drains the large amount of water that fills in the beginning of the cycle. I did a QC Mode test and it spins at high speeds during the test. When it's acellerating it makes a rubbing sound kinda of like the noise a seal (the animal) makes. I have a video with the sound of you need it.

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