LG Washing Machine WM2050CW fails the second debug/test and won’t spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: LG Washing MachineLG Washing Machine WM2050CW fails the second debug/test and won’t spin
Chris T asked 7 years ago
My LG Washing Machine WM2050CW has been having issues rotating in one particular direction and I've tried to debug the issue in hope that I could change the part to fix it. It does turn sometimes, but it makes a bad noise and in parts of the cycle, it completely refuses to rotate. I ran the test mode to help figure out what could be at play here and the first test passed without any problem. The RPM read within the expected range. The 2nd & 3rd test however failed miserably. The reading of the RPM was completely unstable going from 30 -> 150. I couldn't quite read any number as it was changing that quickly in seemingly pseudo-random fashion. What could be going wrong here? Some thoughts I had after doing some research: Perhaps the hall sensor is messing up. However if it was bad, I would expect it to also fail the first test. Perhaps the main board is busted? It only applies to a set of tests which is a bit weird. I believe that the first test runs clockwise while the second runs counter-clockwise? So I wonder if that's not a clue here. The bearing could be worn, but that wouldn't quite explain why it works for test #1. Thoughts? I can take a video if it helps.

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