LG Top Load Washing Machine – Makes Clicking Noise – Not Spinning

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

My LG WF-T8018TP top loader is making a load cyclical clicking during the draining and spinning cycle. It drains properly and it wants to start spinning but does not get up to speed then stops and tries again repaeatedly. The noise is emanating from an assembly on the underside of the drum. It appears that there is a solenoid type motor with an actuator arm that is linked to a spring loaded device which is directly adjacent to the sump pipe outlet from the bottom of the drum. The solenoid seems to load the spring to a point and then it suddenly unloads causing the load load click. This assembly seems to also be linked to two white plastic gears on the underside of the drum. Can you possibly help me understand what is causing this and what I can do to resolve the problem?

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