LG Refrigerator Freezer Is Not Cooling

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JUSTIN asked 7 years ago
I purchased a second hand refrigerator yesterday. I brought it home with very minimal time spent on it's side. The only time that it was laid on it's side was for about 30 seconds when I was putting it in, and out of my Utility. When I got it home, I waited 3 hours to turn it on at about 3PM. It was working fine at first, but when I woke up this morning, the fridge and freezer were both defrosting. After a bit of investigation, I found that the fridge fan was working, but when the compressor tried to power, it would cut out with a click noise. After doing a Google search, I found a recommendation to clean the back inside of the fridge. I did this, with no improvement. With further Google searching, I discovered that by replacing the Compressor Overload Protector made need replacing. So after many phone calls made to local refrigerator parts suppliers, I found one in stock an hour away from me. I drove across and got the replacement which appears to have the slightest difference to the one that was in the fridge. The representative advised that it would work the same way the original part did. Upon getting home, I've swapped them over, but unfortunately, it still hasn't resolved the issue. When I switch the power on to the fridge, after a moment, the compressor attempts to work, but then the original, and the new part, both glow for a second, and then short and make the click noise. Could you please help me with advising what I should do from here. Don't want to replace the whole fridge or compressor. The model is LG - GR-349SQF.

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