LG front loader won’t drain or spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi there. We have a 2008 LG front load HE washing machine, model number WM2016CW. My 12 y/o daughter did her laundry for the first time yesterday, and proudly told me that she got everything into one load by stuffing the washer. Uh-oh. Predictably, when I tried to wash a load just now, the washer will not drain or spin. It washes fine, and the motor seems to be working since it agitates the clothing, but when it comes to the spin cycle it just makes a buzzing sound, and will not drain or spin. I also got an "OE" message on the display panel. Never seen that before. I tried doing a master reset, but had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as two of our kids have birthdays this coming week, and money is far too tight to afford a professional repair. Thanks!! ~Ruthie

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