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James Hansen asked 4 years ago
LG Model WM0642HW/01 Overfill error and cold water inlet valve
  • Get FE error code (overfilling). First occurred in rinse mode. Drained tub. On next run occurred in wash mode. Turned off power at button and pulled plug and water continued to flow into drum, so then turned off cold water valve at wall faucet.
  • For next test started cycle and shut off power to washer while machine was filling with water. Water continued to fill without power. Shut off cold water valve at wall faucet.
  • Do these tests indicate conclusively that water inlet valve is defective and needs to be replaced? Do I need to perform more tests on water inlet valve, such as electrical multimeter tests?
Pressure switch Pressure switch appears to be working, as tube not clogged, no holes in tube, air chamber at end of tube is clear, and pressure switch clicks when blow into tube when washing machine is filling. Passes continuity tests. Should I run additional tests?

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