LG front load dryer – Not heating up

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allan asked 6 years ago
Last week my LG dryer stopped drying my clothes. i open it up and check the thermostat with multi tester for continuity. the thermostat is burnt out. so i went bought one and replace it. its the high limit thermostat i think it is.anyway..after i change it.it works.but just one week after..that was today. its stop heating up again. the thermostat i change have 2 wire attach to it. its 2 different color. is there a right way to replace the thermostat? thermostat is hold with 2 screws and it fits either way. so i was just wondering if i did connect the wiring right because i don’t remember how it is place. i never open it yet again.maybe the other thermostat burnt out this time or the heating coil or something else. just want to confirm about the placement of the thermostat that i change is replace right or is it possible that i place it wrong ..therefore..that the cause why its stop heating up. the first wash we did ..dry no problem.stop drying after that. hose not clogged or kinked.