LG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker stopped working

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsLG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker stopped working
Steven Fischer asked 4 years ago
Model LMXC23746S. Ice maker stopped working. Freezer is still cold (-1 deg F). Ice compartment is still freezing (we pour bagged ice in and it stays frozen). Error code 15, but if it was the fan, why is the ice compartment still maintaining freezing temperatures?) Pushing the test button gets no response. Unplugging fridge for over 20 minutes gets no response when plugged back in. I replaced the ice maker with the same part number but the new one doesn\'t work either. The new one doesn\'t respond to the test button either. I replaced the water filter over a month ago. Water dispenser still works and the ice maker worked for a month after replacing the water filter. What can it be?

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