LG electric range smokes during bake

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RangeLG electric range smokes during bake
Jon Cooper asked 8 years ago
Hello-During bake there is a plastic smelling smoke coming from the unit occasionally. The smoke comes out from what I think is the vent (breather) from the oven (under the left side of the control panel). I unplugged the unit the took the back metal cover off and found that one of the leads from the power cord is melted along with a portion of the plastic terminal block.  There are 3 connections to the terminal block. The left one is partially melted as I mentioned, the right one was very loose so there may have not been a complete connection to the power cord. I've tightened the connection so it now makes good contact. I plan to replace the terminal block and the power cord. So my question is what could have caused the issue in the first place? LG model-lre30453st