LG Dryer Reversed The Door Side – Now Latch Won’t Attach

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersLG Dryer Reversed The Door Side – Now Latch Won’t Attach
Emily asked 7 years ago
I need to know what part I am missing that the latch on LG dryer DLEX3570w needs to screw into. I reversed the door on my dryer successfully but when I was attaching the latch on the opposite side (previously the hinge side) the latch screws have nothing to screw into. To be clear there are holes in the metal on the dryer the screws fit in but they don't thread  into anything to hold them steady. I had taken off the 2 latch screws and then after removing the latch itself underneath it there were 2 more smaller screws which I removed then heard something metal fall into the dryer. I can't recover what has fallen and I'm hoping it's just simply some washers and nuts but fear it may be more than that. Does anyone know what part I'm missing? It would certainly save a lot of money not to have to call a repairman for this.

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