Kitchen aid kscs25fkss00 new door gasket won’t seal

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John asked 4 years ago
We have a kitchen aid kscs25fkss00 side by side refrigerator thats 20 years old. The ref door magnetic seal was starting to not seal well. I noticed the the lower LH part of the seal was out of shape and binding the door. It may have been like this for years. I tried to keep reshaping it when the door was closed but it kept going back to the out of shape position once the door was open. The lower RH side of the fridge door always seemed a little push out. I ordered a new seal kit from an appliance repair store near my house. I just installed it (it was easy) but the magnetic strip seems very weak and the door pops open. It\'s especially bad in the lower side opposite of the hinge. There is nothing bidding or hitting on the inside. I took the door of an cleaned everything well and tried to adjust the door. Unfortunately, theres almost no adjustment. The door almost seems warped at the bottom opposite of the hinge side. I\'m not sure where to go from here. The unit works fine and I don\'t feel like spending $2500 on a replacement after already spending $150 on the new gasket kit. I\'ve attached 2 photos. Thanks for any advice.