Kenmore Washing Machine Transmission Will Only Spin In One Direction

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
We replaced a Kenmore stackable washer transmission with the Electrolux transmission #134737100. I reinstalled the transmission with tub and reconnected everything. During spin cycle the motor will spin but the transmission won't. I can spin the main pulley only in one direction. What could be causing this with a new transmission?
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Is the transmission a rebuild or a brand new transmission?<br><br>This may apply to your washer….A clutch mechanism is integral inside of the transmission, which allows slippage until the basket and transmission come up to speed.<br><br>During the agitate cycle, the motor reverses and tries to turn the transmission backwards, but the transmission casing stays stationary and the internal gearing rotates. In late models, the bottom transmission bearing is a special one-way bearing; it will only allow the transmission to turn in one direction.<br><br>What is the model number of the Kenmore Washer?

danesg11 replied 9 years ago

It’s a new transmission.It is a stackable and I could only see a model number on the dryer (not sure if it’s the same) 417.94712400

danesg11 replied 9 years ago

Well I got the tub to turn by hand during spin cycle but it will come to a stop…motor won’t keep it turning. So I can turn the main pulley and the agitator will turn (clockwise looking down in the washer), and I can turn the tub by hand counter clockwise. The belt was replaced not long ago and is in good shape…not sure if it can be adjusted (tightened). Perhaps the motor is going out or needs new brushes. Any ideas?

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

New transmission, new belt, and still won't spin properly means that you should inspect the pulleys to see if you are able to adjust them.<br><br>So the problem you are still currently having is the motor runs but it will not turn the transmission? If the motor is turning, then isn't the belt also turning, which would mean the belt is just sliding across the transmission pulley without turning it? Please explain in detail as we can look into this further.

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

No the belt doesn’t turn at all. The pulley on the motor spins but It won’t turn the belt (it just spins on the belt). If I spin the tub by hand the belt, pulleys, and tub will spin very slowly for a few seconds and then stop, and the motor pulley will continue to spin while the belt it stationary.

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

The pulleys are not far enough apart for each other to add tension to the belt. Did the wrong belt possibly get installed? See if the mount on the motor can be loosened and moved back and then tighten to add more tension on the belt.

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Anonymous answered 8 years ago
So i have this model and the washer will spin but wont agitate. I just replaced the timer thinking that was the problem but it still wont work. The lid switch seems to work fine because it locks during spin cycle. Im so frustrated and cant figure out whats wrong. 

Adi answered 7 years ago
I'm having this exact issue on a GE WPSE4200A0WW. It was spinning fine initially. I replaced 2 front suspension rod & spring assemblies, & since putting it back together the transmission doesn't spin during spin cycle. Everything turns fine during wash & agitation. During spin cycle, however, washer pulley turns but belt & transmission don't.  Worth noting I had added some WD40 on bottom of transmission where it connects to the pulley because it had been making some noise. Didn't think that would be causing the problem, though?  (*This is my first time working on a washing machine, FYI*)

Adi answered 7 years ago
I'm unable to get it to turn counter clockwise (when looking from top) by hand when I try to turn the belt, which is the direction motor pulley is turning. I've performed a master reset by unplugging for 1 min, then opening/closing lid 12 times. 

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