Kenmore Washer Won’t Spin or Agitate

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Edward asked 2 years ago
Our top loading high efficiency Kenmore 2800 fills and drains in the soak mode, but won't agitate during the soak mode.  It sounds like it wants to agitate, but nothing happens.  It will fill in the rinse and spin mode, but won't spin.  When it tries to spin in the rinse and spin mode, it'll make a noise like it wants to spin, but it won't actually spin.  It will fill in the drain and spin mode as well as drain and spin.  However, it won't spin fast enough to wring out the clothes.  The clothes were still sopping wet at the end of the cycle.  During this mode, the lid unlocked randomly.  I pressed pause and start to rest the lock.  While spinning in this mode, the lid locked light kept flashing.  The lid was locked during this time.  The washer won't fill during the normal cycle or the casual cycle.  The lid lock light just keeps flashing, and nothing happens.  I've changed out the actuator, and none of it has improved.  What's wrong with the washer, and what needs to be fixed?

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