Kenmore washer spins too weak clothes still wet

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi, I have a Kenmore Type 111 Model 110.24732300. Watched it go through a cycle: - water always fills to the proper level and appears to drain completely at the right times. - NOT A BIG DEAL: The agitator moves somewhat loosely (probably just needs a tightening of something underneath), but does move aggressively (as if agitated ... sorry :D ) - THE BIG DEAL: The tub spins ... starts slowly, gets to what looks like a good speed to a layman, but the clothes never "climb the walls" and the clothes are still very wet upon completing (will drip if squeezed hard enough). At times, I've caught it not spinning at all, but if I gently help it get started, it will continue spinning (but still too weakly). All my Google searches return various solutions to not spinning at all, but nothing good for this issue. I figure an expert will know this one pretty specifically and quickly. Thanks! Steve
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

So it drains the water fine within about 90 secs but then won’t spin fast enough… Correct? Usually when this happens the motor coupler is broken or worn. When the coupler gets worn it will turn your washer tub but is so worn out that it does not go fast enough. Check your motor coupling to make sure it is not worn or broken. Motor couplings are the most common part to go out on these models, as its just like a belt, and can just wear out over time.

naturaldad2000 replied 9 years ago

Thanks for this advice! I got the part without taking apart the washed in my crowded laundry area (knowing the risk, but it was cheap). I finally got to the repair today and the existing motor coupling looks fine to me. All legs on the plastics pieces and the rubber is soft, springy, and not broken in any way. Should I replace this for the heck of it?But what I also found was oil (or some fluid) — very little on the motor side of the metal plate between the motor and the transmission (bottom) but I removed that plate and the oil is all over the transmission side of that plate.With this new info, what do you think it could be now?

naturaldad2000 replied 9 years ago

Update: I pulled the transmission out but don’t know what I should be looking for to see if it’s working fine. Just to make sure the motor coupling plastic piece is not “rounded out,” I put in back on and it rotates the stem its on. Furthermore, rotating this rotates the main rod … interestingly (to me) in one direction is seems to make the main rod go back & forth but no clutch movement and the other direction includes clutch rotation and seems to go in one direction.Also, if it helps, I had a lot of water dump out the back when I laid it down to remove the tranny. It had run a cycle to completion. Does this leftover water indicate something about what’s actually not working with the slow spinning, or a separate problem? I also now see the difference is $200 for a new tranny and $800 for a low-cost washer, so I’ll have to decide, if I can somehow get sure that’s the problem.

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