Kenmore washer spin cycle complications

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Coleman asked 8 years ago
Kenmore stacked washer/dryer. MOD: 2661532 Wash cycle will begin to run, fill, and agitate. MOST times the tub will drain and then stop its cycle before it proceeds to rinse/spin. Every once in a while, it won't drain until I move the switch over to 'rinse & spin'. However, consistently, the machine will not turn over into the rinse or spin cycle on its own anymore. The board lights will (blink) 'lid locked' and 'spin'. Basically, the machine can start whatever cycle I dial it to, but will stop somewhere in that cycle and blink the lights that I selected. I believe it's a computer problem because each mechanical function will work (fill, lock the lid, agitate, drain, spin) but I'm not sure where to start and would rather not just throw parts at it. side note: I do regularly do the manual reset process for it. Probably every three loads or so. This has not helped the problem.

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