Kenmore Washer Lid Broken?

Tiffany asked 3 years ago
I am currently in the process of selling my Kenmore washer. However, a potential buyer raised a concern, suggesting that the lid is broken. He pointed out that the start button needs to be pressed once at the beginning of a cycle, and then again mid-cycle for it to continue and complete the cycle successfully. Despite this, the washer performs all its functions – it rinses, spins, agitates, and the clothes come out perfectly clean every time. This behavior has been consistent since I first purchased the washer from Kmart; it wasn't a result of any damage or mishandling. I've always just pressed the button again, and the washer finishes the load without any issues. Given this situation, I'm unsure if it's accurate to say the washer works fine. I don't want to mislead any potential buyers by claiming it's fully functional if this is not the standard operation for this model. Could you please provide some clarity on whether this is a sign of a broken lid or just a quirk of this particular model? I need help understanding if I'm being truthful in my representation of the washer's condition.