Kenmore top load washer buzzing

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
While washing a couple small items, the washer started making a loud almost grinding/buzzing noise and will not spin. It fills/drains just fine. I attempted master reset on it with no success. Help!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Sounds like possibly a belt or bearing has gone bad. <br><br>Do you smell an electrical burning smell when the washer is making the buzzing noise? <br><br>Does the washer drum look centered? <br><br>Did the washer go through the complete cycle and made the noise the whole time it was in WASH cycle? <br><br>Please let us know your model number so we can help further.

thechills replied 9 years ago

The noise only happens when the washer is supposed to be spinning/turning. it is a Kenmore 70 Series. Model 22722100 serial CL2224173 type 111.

fgsdf replied 9 years ago

Possibly a bad clutch or a bad bearing. So the washer will not spin at all right? It buzzes or makes noise when it tries to spin or when it is spinning?

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