Kenmore side by side Fridge not cooling intermittenly (fixed by hitting back with fist)

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Kenmore RefrigeratorKenmore side by side Fridge not cooling intermittenly (fixed by hitting back with fist)
John Siejkowski asked 4 years ago
My Kenmore model 106-59599992 side by side fridge stopped working. Freezer was the primary issue, fridge stayed at least somewhat cool. I first check condenser motor and it was not working. I tried spinning by hand but nothing. I tapped mount with pliers, nothing. I tapped motor housing and it started running. It did this a few times over the courses of 5 days (the other days it all worked as it should). I bought a new condenser motor only to discover my diagnosis was incorrect. It stopped again one day while I was home and I then discovered neither the condenser motor nor the compressor were running (although the evaporator fan was running). I tapped the connections and the condenser motor again but no luck this time. I then hit the center back of the fridge with my fist and they both came on immediately. This same thing happened a few more time over a couple days and each time, a moderate hit with my fist on the back of the case would get them to start. Seems like a switch or something is stuck??? Any ideas? When it all runs, the fridge works properly. Compressor is working, freezer gets cold, fans run, etc. but something stops sending a signal to the compressor and condenser motor.

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