Kenmore Series 90 Washer wont always spin or leaves clothes wet

Eric Miller asked 3 years ago

Kenmore Series 90 Washer wont spin during spin cycle…

I have just:

1. Inspected coupler – looked worn – replaced w/ new.

2. Replaced clutch assembly w/ new. Old pads very glazed.

3. After replacing above it still wont spin.

You can hear motor running and all sounds normal when in “spin” cycle just no spin. This developed over time. At first you could “assist” the tub manually when it wouldn’t spin and it would seem to catch and then spin normally.

It would work for a few loads – maybe have to re-spin due to wet clothes.After above repairs it did seem to agitate more strongly and spin very strong but for one load only – then spin “failed” again.

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