Kenmore series 80 washer has lint on clothing

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesKenmore series 80 washer has lint on clothing
Nicole Hutchinson asked 8 years ago
How do I fix my washer when I wash clothes they have lint all over them even if they was new Baby clothes and never been worn. I've filled the washer up with just water and let it do a wash cycle and before it drained I looked in the water and it had lint in the water so I asked some people and I was told to do a empty cycle with just water and bleach and I did a full cycle and the checked it and it still had lint when I filled it up so then I did it again bit let bleach water soak in it and then let the cycle run through and then let it fill back up and checked it again and it still had the lint in the water and when I let it do the wash cycle the longer I let it wash the more lint was in the washer.