Kenmore Refrigerator Power Outage

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Nick asked 4 years ago
I have a Kenmore refrigerator, model 59679543010, serial number K0446061, which is experiencing issues following a power outage. Post-outage, the fridge is not cooling or starting up properly. The display is continuously blinking, accompanied by a clicking noise. Previously, when faced with a similar problem, I successfully reset the code by holding the door alarm and freezer temperature control. This time, however, despite trying the same reset method and unplugging the fridge for 1 minute, the issue persists. The fridge seems to be attempting to restart but fails after a few seconds. I'm seeking advice on what might be causing these symptoms – the blinking display and clicking noise, and the fridge's inability to restart. Additionally, I would appreciate guidance on where to find replacement parts for this model in Canada, should they be needed. Any help in diagnosing and resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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