Kenmore Refrigerator – Not Keeping Cold

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Kenmore refrigerator, Approx 18 yrs old, the freezer is working fine but the refrigerator part is no longer keeping cold enough. Running at about 38-42 degrees. Prior was 23-35 degrees. Noticed the issues after placing a lot of warm items in the frig and it raised its temp to 54 and took 3 days to get back to 42. Never got back to 32 or 36. There’s no condensation anywhere, there’s no ice build up in the freezer. The controls for the frig and freezer are set to the coldest setting. When you close the freezer door the bottom of the frig door will bounce open and then shut from the movement of closing the freezer door. Also I tried to test to see if it’s the gasket but duck taping the bottom door close tighter. The tape did not hold well over night but when its taped shut the temps stay around 38, if not taped stay at 42 degrees. Do you think the door gasket is the problem? If so, will a new gasket be able to fix the fact that the the right side bottom edge of the door (side that opens) is not as closed as the top? Or is there something wrong with the door. Or something else wrong all together.

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