Kenmore Refrigerator condenser fan question

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Jonathan Crymes asked 3 years ago
Hi, My Kenmore model 106.9731620 had the condenser fan die. I looked up the model and saw on Sears Direct ( that the replacement was Part #833697 which replaces 2154735. So I found the part on Amazon and when it arrived I decided to make sure the fan spins the right way. Well, I expected the fan to blow air directly onto the condenser, but the fan's rotation will pull the air past the condenser towards the fan. That seems wrong to me, but I can't find anywhere that states what the original motor's rotation was and, since it's dead, I can't check it.Is this the way it's supposed to be, pulling air past the condenser to the fan instead of blowing from the fan directly onto the condenser?Thanks!

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