Kenmore He3 dryer doesn’t heat

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James Rennier asked 4 years ago
My He3 quit heating a year ago. I used a multimeter to test the typical parts and replaced the heating element, fuse, thermistor, etc. and also took that opportunity to replace the rollers and belt. Everything worked fine. Then about 3 wks ago we had a power blip...and I needed to replace the fuse and thermistor again. No worked for a day or two...then stopped heating. I\'ve researched as much as I could; reset the breakers, tested and replaced all previously installed parts (even if they tested OK...just to be \'safe\'). I went further this time to check the continuity on the centrifugal switch on the motor (it tested OK) and also visually inspected the backside of the motherboard to see if there was a burnt spot (it was burns). The diagnostic test shows 88 and all lights come on. Motor/drum turns, blower blows BUT it still doesn\'t work.

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