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Ralph Crum asked 2 years ago
How do I remove the stove top of my new Kenmore gas range, model # 790.7423? I just picked it up on Wednesday, 5/24 and was converting it from natural gas to LP with the included LP conversion kit. I got 4 of the orfices changed out no problem, but screwed up and dropped the last one and it fell down onto the insulation below the cook top. ARGH!!! The owners manual makes no mention of how to lift up the stove top. I called the Sears 800 number and was told that it would take a repairman, because it is not intended for the customer to remove the stove top. That is ridiculous, I should be able lift that stove top up, pickup the little orfice and wrap up the conversion. I have looked online, and watched two different videos that make it look easy to simply release the spring clips that hold the top in place by using a putty knive. This stove however does not seem to have that type of retention clip, and I can't figure it out. Your help would be appreciated.

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