Kenmore Fridge Warm – Freezer Defrosting – Thermostat?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I woke up this morning to my fridge being warm on fridge side and defrosted on freezer side, upon unplugging, it kicks on then off.

1997 Kenmore cold start fridge model#10647021791



high psi:330

It clicks when adjusting the thermostat, its normally on medium but today I tried coldest to see if it will get colder. No luck.

Fan seems to work & blow breezy air yesterday but not like it used to. I unplugged it turned and thermostat to off & cleaned condenser & currently waiting to see if it overheated.  I checked many sites, some say cycle it, others say change thermostat, condenser or compressor. Others say junk it. Well I’m broke & cant buy a new one, especially if its an easy fix.

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