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Dick asked 4 years ago
Kenmore 106.72206201 Elite Top Freezer Refrigerator, which is approximately 10 years old. Recently, I've noticed an issue with the heating elements around the freezer door opening; they seem to stay on for an excessively long time. Despite the internal shelf temperature in the freezer indicating minus 10 degrees, items stored in the freezer door, like hot dogs, are not staying fully frozen. I'm trying to understand what controls the freezer's defrost surround element located at the door opening, as this might be related to the issue. Additionally, I've placed a thermometer on the main refrigerator shelf, and it reads 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I've tried cycling both the refrigerator and freezer thermostat controls, but this hasn't had any effect on the problem. Could you provide some insight into what might be causing these temperature inconsistencies, particularly with the freezer's heating elements and the less than fully frozen items in the door?

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