Kenmore elite smartheat quiet 9 he4 dryer issue

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Tami OHaver asked 2 years ago
I have a Kenmore elite smartheat quiet pak 9 he4 washer and dryer set model 110.45088400. The dryer keeps having issues where it won't start. I push CASUAL and press and hold the start button and nothing. No clicks, beeps, nothing. If I unplug the dryer for awhile couple of hours or days then plug it back in it seems to have reset something and works a couple of times and then all if the sudden nothing. I repeat the process (unplug for length) of time and then it will work. I'm stumped. We have used an OHM(?) meter and everything seems fine. We pulled control boards out and they look brand new and all connections seem fine. Any suggestions of what we might be overlooking?

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