Kenmore Elite Smartheat Dryer Issue

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Tami OHaver asked 3 years ago
I own a Kenmore Elite SmartHeat Quiet Pak 9 HE4 washer and dryer set, model number 110.45088400. Recently, I've been encountering a recurring issue with the dryer where it fails to start. When I select the 'Casual' setting and press and hold the start button, there are no signs of activity – no clicking sounds, beeps, or any other indications of functioning. Interestingly, if I disconnect the dryer from the power source for an extended period, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days, and then reconnect it, the dryer seems to reset and operates normally for a few cycles. However, after a short period of usage, the problem reappears, and the dryer becomes unresponsive again. To troubleshoot, I have used an ohmmeter to check the components, and everything appears to be in order. We have also inspected the control boards, which seem to be in pristine condition, and all the connections look secure and intact. Given these observations, I am at a loss. Could you provide any insights or suggestions on potential issues that we might be missing? Is there a specific component or system within the dryer that could intermittently fail and cause such a problem?

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