Kenmore Elite Problems Fridge/Freezer Not Cooling

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Max Hura asked 5 months ago

Kenmore Elite 795.77569600 Problems (Fridge/Freezer Not Cooling Interior Light Randomly Works, Ice Maker Randomly Works)

Mfg Date 2007/05 Par No. 3850JD8061EI have been having lots of problems with my Kenmore Elite 795.775 Refrigerator/Freezer

1) Fridge Temperature Is Hovering Around 58 F All The Time

2) Freezer Temperature Is Hovering Around 25 F All The Time

3) Ice Maker Randomly Works. One Of The issues, I Believe, Is That The Sensor That Stops Making The Ice Is Not Working, It Won\’t Make Ice Automatically Because The Lever Is Frozen So You Have To Defrost It For A Few Days And It Might Work Again

4) Fridge Doors Don\’t Always Close All the Way. Sometimes I Have to Nudge It A Little to Make Sure It\’s Closed

5) When Opening the Fridge the Interior Light Doesn\’t Always Come OnI have had the refrigerator for over 10 years and I replaced the freezer fan a few years ago.Can anyone recommend some troubleshooting steps?

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