Kenmore elite fridge

Roo asked 2 years ago
My Kenmore elite fridge is about 10 years old and now it won't cool in the fridge or freezer I did a test mode that's located on the back pwb board everything's running the condenser fan run the compressor run I am not sure why the amps are about .03 .04 when it running and I checked the evaporator fan works the coils on the other hand for the evaporator started to freeze only at the small thin copper wire going the the evaporator and about 3 inch from there the frost doesn't go any where else on the evaporator just that cold spot on the evaporator ever where else is warm to the touch But when I opened the back freezer panel there was an snow ball in the same spot Model # 79578546800 there's no error code at all I looked a the tech sheet tell me do I need to get an new fridge or is this one one fix.