Kenmore electric range

Melissa asked 2 years ago
We had a problem with roaches recently and the back of the oven was sprayed as they were crawling in and out of the vent holes and had stopped the display screen for the clock and operation of the double ovens (the burners worked because those were turn knobs). I unplugged the entire unit due to the crackling sound after the spray got inside, thinking it affected the wires. I opened the back finally so it could dry faster, but am not sure how long it may take? We are a family of 9 (2 adults, 7 children) so I am in need of cooking, but also don't want the unit to catch fire. Is it possible the crackling is just extra spray that will dissolve or could there be bug bodies near the wiring that may be making the crackling sound? Would it be safe to use the oven with it making noise?