Kenmore electric dryer won't heat up

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Appliance Repair Staff asked 10 years ago
My Kenmore dryer is not heating. The unit turns on and the drum turns fine, just not heating up. I took the lower panel off and cleaned out lint from the inside but it's still not heating. Any ideas as to what I need to check to see what the cause of it is?   kenmore dryer no heat
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Anonymous answered 10 years ago
Try resetting the breaker. Electric dryers use 220 volts WITH a neutral. The elements need 220v to heat but the controls operate off one leg (hot wire) and the neutral. If one leg that serves the control circuit was not working the dryer wouldn't operate at all. If you can feel some heat but the clothes take forever to dry cleaning the filter and check the exhaust system. That was the problem I had recently with my Dryer.