Kenmore Dryer trips breaker after 10 minutes – tried everything

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Jeffrey Martin asked 7 years ago
Kenmore 90 Series Smart Thermal Dryer I have checked the breaker and reads 120 volts, 30 amp breaker - I have taken heating element out of the dryer, checked it for breaks, tested it with volt meter. I tested the thermal fuse and the thermostat for continuity, both check out fine. Cleaned all terminals, made sure connections were tight. Checked the main power plug, reading 120 volts. Dryer runs fine and quiet (doesn't sound like engine is working hard or binding), element heats up and glows red just fine. Lint trap and exhaust tube are clear and free. After 10 minutes the dryer trips the breaker.
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Bharding answered 7 years ago
Hey, I know you posted this about 3 months, but I hope this helps or can help somebody. I have seen this problem a few times, and it had me scratching my head a little. I have replaced elements, motors, and timers because of this problem, and it kept on tripping the breaker.  The problem ended up being the actual breaker in the breaker box. There is a red wire and a black wire going into the breaker and they are held my screws to hold the contact. The screw ends up loosening itself over the  years, and the contact is not being made properly. It will start making electric arcs which heats up the breaker.  When the breaker is too hot, it will trip. Solution: As soon as the breaker trips, go and feel the surface of it to see if its hot/warm. If it is, remove the breaker box cover and tighten the screws. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, ALL RED AND BLACK WIRES ARE LIVE. TURN OFF THE MAIN BREAKER IF POSSIBLE! Hope this helps. I am a technician in the Montreal, QC area. I have a few FAQ's answered on my website, in the "Services" section, or if anyone needs service in the Montreal area! Cheers!