Kenmore Dryer Not Drying Well

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Jennie O\'Brien asked 4 years ago
Good Afternoon! I have a Kenmore electric dryer model # 110.61202013.  It is drying my clothes sporadically.  Sometimes loads will dry in one go and sometimes I have to run it 2-3 times. I have checked the lint trap and vacuumed it out as well as removing the back panel and vacuuming the entire rear portion. I have vacuumed the vent hose as best I can as it is a very long flexible hose that is only accessible via a very hard to reach crawl space under the house.  I have used a shop vac with a long hose on both ends of the vent and gotten some lint, have also used a coat hanger to loosen any lint.  When the dryer is on, there is a strong flow of air coming out of the vent opening outside the house.  So I think I have eliminated lint being the problem. Sometimes during the drying cycle, I will notice that it doesn't seem to be heating or is only just barely warm, even with the setting on high.  Sometimes it will feel warm but the clothes aren't dry.  Sometimes it works fine.  Also, I have noticed lately that the 40 minute wrinkle guard isn't working ever and the auto moisture setting seems to stop short of a full cycle.  Running the dryer on the timed cycle doesn't help, neither does running an extra spin on the washer. Any suggestions?

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