Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator – No running fans compressor or control panel – Only interior lights

Joe Cadolino asked 1 month ago

Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator, model 106.54693300 is having some issues.

No running fans for condenser or evaporator. Compressor is not kicking on, no sound or temperature. Control panel not powering on. Only the interior lights are working.  I purchased a new relay to start but that did not have any effect. There were no indications the relay burned or was damaged. I took the control panel out and all components are intact. Solders are still intact as well.
Not sure we’re to go at this point in troubleshooting. The relay was cheap but the board is expensive. Anything y’all can think of why the control panel isn’t powering on and the fans aren’t spinning?

KEITH replied 4 weeks ago

you have a relay that needs replaced.

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