Kenmore 80 series won’t spin

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Christina asked 2 years ago
I have a Kenmore 80 series, top load washer. For a year or so now I have been through 2 issues. The first i noticed that as the machine ran it's cycle it WOULD AGITATE just fine, but stop and not spin after draining. I have been able to stimulate spinning by turning it to the spin cycle (some works better than others) and give it a shove (so to speak) and as long as the load is balanced it will beginning spinning. However, I often have to do this once or twice to get the washer to thoroughly get all water out of clothes, even though it drains fine. I have been doing this for over a year, giving the spin cycle a manual push off. Not shortly after that i had a problem with the lid switch, but this was not the cause of the NO SPINNING problem, because it was occurring prior to lid switch and after I DIY fixed it. Now, we have come to a complete spinning halt. even with no clothes or weight in washer and a push at the end of cycle to I am unable to initiate the machine to "grab" the basket and take off spinning. The motor runs, sounds good, but just no spin at all. Before the repair call, I'd like some possible answers and input. I have read many different things and nothing/nowhere has been mentioned about the spin working with a manual push off, so I am wondering if there is experience with this which can be shared.
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William answered 3 weeks ago

If we assume your lid switch is not at fault and is properly bypassed or working as it should the likely cause for your machine not spinning is the motor drive coupling. If you go to YouTube and search for this video it shows the repair for the motor drive coupling. Just copy and paste that video title and channel name into a Youtube search.

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