Jenn Air range occasional power loss message on control panel

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Bill Narkiewicz asked 5 years ago
Hello, Jenn Air JDS9860CDS02 Has Power Loss message on control board on occasion. Need to reset clock. I changed the control board and still have the same issue. I noticed on the control board a loose connection on the board and wire connection. It is wobbly and does not make a solid connection. This is on the new or the original control board. The connection is labeled \" Red \" on the wiring diagram and on the board itself. I am fairly convinced that this is the problem. there are 2 wires in this connection to the control board and no matter how i try to push it on, it is loose and doesn\'t make a good connection. This connector goes onto 2 pins on the control board. When I power up the range, it goes back and forth to \"power loss\" just by wiggling this connector on the board. My question is, how do I make this connection tighter? Does the plug that connects to the board need to be replaced? Thanks