Jenn Air range occasional power loss message on control panel

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Jenn-Air Oven StoveJenn Air range occasional power loss message on control panel
Bill Narkiewicz asked 10 months ago
Hello, Jenn Air JDS9860CDS02 Has Power Loss message on control board on occasion. Need to reset clock. I changed the control board and still have the same issue. I noticed on the control board a loose connection on the board and wire connection. It is wobbly and does not make a solid connection. This is on the new or the original control board. The connection is labeled \” Red \” on the wiring diagram and on the board itself. I am fairly convinced that this is the problem. there are 2 wires in this connection to the control board and no matter how i try to push it on, it is loose and doesn\’t make a good connection. This connector goes onto 2 pins on the control board. When I power up the range, it goes back and forth to \”power loss\” just by wiggling this connector on the board. My question is, how do I make this connection tighter? Does the plug that connects to the board need to be replaced? Thanks