Identifying the Fuel Type of KitchenAid KDRP467KSS07 Range

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RangeIdentifying the Fuel Type of KitchenAid KDRP467KSS07 Range
Steve H asked 1 year ago
I'm attempting to figure out whether my KitchenAid 36" slide-in range, model KDRP467KSS07, is a dual fuel model or if it solely uses gas for the oven. I'm not the original owner of the appliance and don't have any documentation for it. To avoid the hassle of pulling out the range to check the connections, I'm seeking alternative ways to determine its fuel type. In my electrical panel, there's a 50 amp circuit breaker labeled "oven," but it's worth noting that I also have a separate single wall oven. This detail adds to my uncertainty about whether the KitchenAid range is dual fuel or gas-only for the oven. Any assistance or tips on how to identify the fuel type without moving the range would be greatly appreciated.

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