How to stop a dryer from overheating and shutting off?

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersHow to stop a dryer from overheating and shutting off?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
My question is about a Kenmore 70 series clothing dryer.We recently discovered that our clothes dryer outlet/plug were corroding (visibly and had an odd odor). We replaced, and at the same time we cleaned out the back of the dryer and the large lint drum (not sure the correct name). After putting back together and running the dryer was working just fine (although making an occasional squeaking noise, which it did before the repairs). Well just a day later, after trying to dry two loads of laundry, the dryer stopped on the second load. It seems to have overheated. Hours later, I was able to get the dryer going again, until about 20 minutes later it stopped again (again, seems overheated). Any ideas on the issue? Did we break or hurt something in the cleaning process that would have caused this? Thanks for any help!

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