How to reset computer in Cabrio top loading washer

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesHow to reset computer in Cabrio top loading washer
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Machine works fine…but now when I get an unbalanced load, instead of just beeping and blinking the pause light…. it continues to do that even though I redistribute load and hit pause/lid lock-unlock  to start it again. (It usually takes that command and then just goes into drain and spin after I redistribute load). Only way I can get it to drain and spin is to power it off, unplug  it, wait 20 seconds…plug back in and it will work as if nothing happened. Lid lock is fine….all cycles do work, so I'm thinking this is just a brain reset problem. Pump works good. Drain is clear and I don't put anything with bad/loose debris or dirt in it especially since we have a septic tank. This is only happening with towels and larger loads…never happened before-- now all towel loads do this! Regular loads go through cycle fine. 2011 Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load WTW 5550XW Type 588-01.

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