How to Fix A Garbage Disposal That Does Not Run

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Garbage DisposalsHow to Fix A Garbage Disposal That Does Not Run
Anonymous asked 10 years ago
I am having issues with my garbage disposal. It stopped working. It is plugged in and I recently may have added too much food down into at once. It does not buzz or hum, just nothing. Is there a reset button or switch?

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Anonymous answered 10 years ago
If your garbage disposal is not running see if it will turn freely with a disposal wrench. If it will not turn freely with a service wrench, the disposal is probably jammed. Find out how to clear a disposal jam. Also, Check to see if the reset button is popped out. It is on the bottom of the disposal and it is s red button, press to reset. If your disposal has a cord, and there is no power to the disposal, check the circuit breaker or fuse.

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