How to deal with refrigerator compressor problem

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I have a Gaggenau Side by Side Fridge SK535-262/2 which is about eleven years old. As you probably know Gaggenau is in the same group of companies as Bosch. The fridge alarm goes off on a regular basis. You also see an "error" message on the front of the fridge. The only way to prevent this seems to be to take the back cover off the fridge and use a fan to keep the inside of the fridge cool! This is despite the fact that the internal fan seems to be working. The situation seems to be getting worse and worse. When it was hot in summer the alarm went on more frequently. Now it is happening in Winter as well. We even replaced the Tecumseh TPA1410YXC (or TPE) compressor with a Tecumseh AE2410Y_FZ (apparently by an expert) as suggested by Tecumseh. The situation seems to be worse than before. The new compressor is also noisier than the old one. Seems to vibrate quite a lot sometimes. The temperature inside the fridge and freezer sections seems ok. Possibly the temperature in the fridge section is a bit higher than it should be. it seems that unless you leave the back cover off and use an external fan to keep it cool the fridge overheats. Tried cleaning the coils in the bottom of the fridge. Also, cleaned the inside of the fridge. In the past this seems to have solved the problem. Doe not seem to work any more. Another thing the temperature display on the front of the fridge frequently shows the wrong temperature. It also suddenly changes for no apparent reason. It has been like this for years. Hopefully just a minor problem. I would like to use the fridge without having to keep the fan on all the time.

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