How to clean the lint from the door of the dryer

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersHow to clean the lint from the door of the dryer
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I clean the lint trap regularly in our front loading dryer, but the door itself is filled with lint that I can't believe helps with the efficiency of the dryer. How do we clean this out without dismantling the door and ruining the seal.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

As long as you are cleaning the lint trap on a regular basis, you should not have to worry about some lint trapped in the door. It is true that the lint in the door is making your machine less efficient but only in a minor way. There are tools that are made to be put through the small holes in the door to remove the lint but the most effective way is to take the door apart. The dryer door seal should come off easily if you remove it how the manufacturer suggests. Search online or on Amazon to find a lint removal tool.

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