How to check if washing machine control panel is bad

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesHow to check if washing machine control panel is bad
Anonymous asked 10 years ago
I checked hoses and they were clear.  Then I took pump off and attached wires to it and it ran.  I connected back to washer and tried unit and it did not drain completely and error nd.  Could the control panel be bad?  I also tried quick test from my manual and the buttons it told me to push did not work to get the info they were stating.  HELP.
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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
As you probably know the error code ND means No Drain. If the control board was bad, it would not display ND. The error code is simply saying that there is a clog somewhere. If the washer can't drain it won't spin. Since you had the pump out and it worked, is it possible the water is unable to be drained because of a crimped hose, bent drain hose, or possibly the hose going from the washer to the drain behind the washer is clogged or the hose is crimped? Check every possible area. It still has something to do with the pump not being able to dispel the water.
Amanda answered 8 years ago
I have a ge front load washer.  Everything works except the knob that switches the cycles.  It is digital and all the other controls work except for this one. What could be the problem?